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Nosetouch Press takes to heart the distinction between horror, terror and gore, with a fondness for writing that gets under the reader’s skin (both literally and figuratively), with finesse and imagination winning out over splatter. Not that we’re averse to a little blood on the lapel; but it should be smartly rendered, and our selections reflect this.



Nosetouch Press brings back vintage science fiction with retro relish–the exuberance of exploration, the mystery of unfamiliar and alien worlds, and the joys of discovery. We’re far beyond the space wars that dominate so many trends these days, preferring hard and soft science fiction that transports the reader into amazing places.

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Nosetouch Press loves its fantasy, from epic high fantasy to swashbuckling sword & sorcery. We love the days of high adventure, where skill at arms and magical might contend with the wickedness of sorcerers and demons, and where honor and heroism prevail against tyranny. Our fantasy explores the boundaries of the genre, with an eye to beautiful, ennobling tales of bygone worlds, and worlds yet to be known.



Nosetouch Press loves a good mystery, the more intricate and diabolical, the better. Fiendish plots and arcane conspiracies, perceptive characters with powers of observation that rival those of the great detectives. We welcome them, where taut, propulsive and atmospheric writing delivers satisfaction to our readers toward a satisfying resolution. Shrouded in fog and intrigue, our mysteries leave no stone unturned.



Nosetouch Press is all about things that go bump in the night. We are drawn to the paranormal and the supernatural: a good ghost story, weird fiction, a chilling tale of the uncanny. Our supernatural stories peek behind the veil of everyday sensation and daily life and into unusual, haunting and even terrifying places.



Nosetouch Press likes classic thrillers, whether old-school spy or adventure novels. Exotic settings, larger-than-life characters, intricate plots, over-the-top heroics, cunning and dastardly villainy — it’s what makes classic adventures classic. We want readers to rediscover the foundations of the thriller genre, to embark on time-tested tales of boldness and valor.

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