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Who Nosetouch Press Publishes

Nosetouch Press seeks out emerging authors and established authors. While prior publications are always important, they are not a necessity; our mission is to debut promising, talented authors alongside previously published writers.


What We Like

Nosetouch Press publishes genre fiction, particularly horror, science fiction, fantasy and mystery. We actively seek out submissions for anthologies. While we love fiction with a literary attention to style and beauty of language, we do not publish literary fiction, Westerns or children’s books.

Since we only produce a select number of titles each year, we are very selective in our choices, which reflect the mission of Nosetouch Press.

We highly recommend that you get acquainted with our books to see if your work will mesh well with ours.


How to Submit a Manuscript

Electronic Submissions

We accept only electronic submissions. Please email you submissions to submissions @ include all submissions as an attachment (.doc or .rtf). Please list the anthology title in your subject line.

Our review process can take 1–3 months, depending on the volume of submissions received and our production schedule. Good fits for Nosetouch Press are carefully read and reviewed. We greatly appreciate your patience and understand that we have great respect for writers, and will let you know as soon as we’ve reached our final decision. Thank you for your interest in Nosetouch Press.


Submission Format

Manuscripts should be submitted in .doc or .rtf format and standard manuscript formatting (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, italics okay).

Author’s name and address (including e-mail and phone number) should be included on the first page of the manuscript (top left), along with word count (top right). Please avoid using unusual or nonstandard typefaces, and do not leave extra spaces between paragraphs, and do not use tabs to indent.



At this time, we currently pay the stated rate with the Anthology call for submissions.



We are interested in professional-level artwork, particularly (but not exclusively) illustration. The illustration must be able to not only visually interpret the story but also represent it in a way that accurately represents the story, draws the reader in and yet does not give away the ending.

While Nosetouch Press considers a wide range of stories, we insist on work that shows fine art attention to perspective, balance and figure proportions.


What to Send

Send four to six digital samples of your best work.  Contact creative @ with queries, questions or concerns.



At this time, Nosetouch Press offers named credit for contributing artists at this time, as well as two (2) contributor copies for artists.