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Nosetouch Press books represent a return to classic storytelling and book design in a modern literary experience. We consider material from any writer, and consider it only on the basis of merit. We are always eager to work with new and talented writers.

  • For our science fiction, we consider stories that have science or technology integral to the story, whether it be physical, sociological or psychological. Stories must be strongly-written, evocative, with believable characters, regardless of who (or what) they are, and where.
  • For our horror, we are looking for dark, weird fiction, whether gritty realist work or rampantly paranormal fiction. We favor strong literary style to our horror, and favor stories that do not rely solely on splatter or gore to sell themselves, but on dark, compelling narratives of horror and terror. We particularly love a good ghost story.
  • For our fantasy, we are looking for powerfully-plotted tales with magic integral to the story, with strong characters, whether heroes or heroines. We like sword & sorcery as well as high-fantasy, but favor originality over shopworn narratives.
  • For our mystery stories, we welcome every type of mystery tale, whether classic, paranormal, suspense, espionage, psychological, deductive puzzles—stories that must be about a crime of some sort, and require the reader to sort them out and challenge their minds. Style can run the gamut, from hard-boiled to fanciful and light-hearted, but the mystery must be a good one.

What we are looking for:

  • Sword & Sorcery
  • Paranormal Mysteries
  • Historical Mysteries
  • Ghost/Haunted House Stories
  • Paranormal Thrillers
  • Paranoid Thrillers
  • Social Science Fiction
  • Philosophical Science Fiction
  • Psychological Horror
  • Gothic Horror


  • A professionally designed book—includes cover and interior, to industry standard
  • A professionally edited book
  • A competitive royalty
  • Ebook distribution through
  • Paperback distribution through,, and extended distribution channels, including Amazon Europe
  • Sell sheet for your book
  • Inclusion in the Nosetouch Press Catalog (PDF)
  • Web page on the Nosetouch Press website
  • Advertising and promotion through all Nosetouch Press social media channels and platforms
  • Discount coupon for wholesale purchase of your books (only for the Author)
We currently do not distribute paperback books through major brick & mortar booksellers, nor do we pay advances on royalties.