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D.T. Neal

“This novel creeped me out. There’s a quiet, richly-detailed sense of place to it that runs into an ever-escalating horror as things go from bad to worse for the characters. It felt very “real” to me, despite the fantastical elements to it. The fictional Rust Belt setting of it, Ludlow, Pennsylvania, calls to mind Sewickley and places like that—little towns along rivers in Pennsylvania, tied to their industrial past and living in obscurity within the hills and mountains of the state. The monsters in it are horrifying, and the book has genuinely skin-crawling scenes in it that will haunt you. Without wanting to reveal any spoilers, the Angel in the Depths is absolutely horrifying, and even thinking about it gives me the creeps.

The novel explores themes of religious fanaticism and paranoia, and has a definite vibe to it that is both worldly and cynical but with a keen insight into what makes us human and what takes that away. It gave me the heebie-jeebies and I loved every minute of it!”

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About Chosen, by D.T. Neal:

There’s something the matter with Ludlow, Pennsylvania. Something in the water. When Malcolm Warner first learns about the Light in the Dark, it sets in motion a ghastly, grisly crusade for the heart and soul of this tiny town that draws everyone to banks of the Mercy River, and something dreadful living in the muck and shadows. A few brave townsfolk desperately try to stem the tide of the Brethren who move inexorably to claim the town, and the world beyond it. Can anyone resist the Light in the Dark?





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