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“Chosen is not only a terrifically fun read, but also a commentary on the control of the powerless many by the powerful few, the fragility of individuality and freedom in a world of invasive intrusion, and the roles that iconoclasts and misfits have in keeping it real. These themes are far more relevant to me (and others I presume) living in 21st century America than I ever thought they would or could be and this novel explores them in an honest and engaging way. If you are looking for something new and interesting to read this summer on (or off) the beach, I cannot recommend Chosen highly enough.”

T. HenryAmazon Review


D.T. Neal

Something’s rotten in the waters around Ludlow. It’s turning townsfolk into the Brethren—pale and lifeless apparitions, monstrous reflections of themselves. The Brethren crave only the Light in the Dark, under the command of the horrifying Angel in the Depths. Guided by the shadowy cult leader, Mal Lazarus, who is intent on taking over the town, the Brethren stalk the streets of Ludlow, taking victims to the Mercy River, to a fate far worse than death. Standing in the way of the Brethren are only a handful of people—a photographer, an art teacher, a student, a priest, and a federal agent—all trying to stop the Brethren from taking over Ludlow. But is it too late for the town, and too late for the last Breathers of Ludlow to prevent Lazarus from realizing his dire dream in the service of the Light in the Dark?