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Blood, Sweat, and Fears


Something’s been eating Samantha’s friends, and she’s more than a little afraid that it might be her. The 28-year-old dilettante lives in Chicago with her hipster chums, staging artistic happenings in a state of prolonged scenester semi-adolescence, wanting to create a sensation with her artwork, and to earn the esteem of her peers. One night, she runs into Ansel Rupino, a tortured, enigmatic artist who infects her with lycanthropy during a one-night stand, devouring Sam’s world in one stray bite. As her infection consumes her, Sam’s creative and destructive expression intensifies exponentially—people’s lives become her ever-bloodier canvas, their lifestyles her tattered tapestry. “Saamaanthaa” pursues Sam’s struggle to define herself as a woman, as an artist, and even as a human being within a distinctly Middle American urban landscape. Can she save her soul and keep from losing her mind as she confronts the leering face of her own ever-growing monstrosity?

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