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“I was already a fan of Neal’s short stories; this is the second Neal novella I’ve read. The other was Relict, which I devoured (twice) and thoroughly enjoyed. Neal is a compelling and imaginative storyteller whose tales are richly evocative and leave the reader wondering about the story well after it’s read. This one, along with Relict, make me wonder whether one of his themes is our everyday presumption of being able to manage the world as humans, despite the overwhelming power and mystery of nature, and the consequences of that presumption. Neal explores larger questions of knowledge and morality but creates stories that nevertheless compel readers who love the genres he works in and don’t approach his tales analytically. He has an easy way with dialogue, and there is a lovely symmetry of detail in this novella. I will be reading more of Neal’s longer works.”

M. PerkinsAmazon Review


by D.T. Neal

Three friends set out to find casks of 150-year-old brandy at the bottom of a South Carolina river, not knowing that they’ve walked right into the clutches of a growing evil in the ghost town of Summerville.


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