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The Fiends in the Furrows: Table of Contents - Nosetouch Press

Congratulations to the finalists for THE FIENDS IN THE FURROWS Folk Horror Anthology, and many thanks to everyone who sent their stories in! Look for it in September!

  • Coy Hall, “Sire of the Hatchet”
  • Sam Hicks, “Back Along the Old Track”
  • Lindsay King-Miller, “The Fruit”
  • Steve Toase, “The Jaws of Ouroboros”
  • Eric J. Guignard, “The First Order of Whaleyville’s Divine Basilisk Handlers”
  • Romey Petite, “Pumpkin, Dear”
  • Stephanie Ellis, “The Way of the Mother”
  • Zachary Von Houser, “Leave the Night”
  • S.T., Gibson “Revival”

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