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Nosetouch Press is excited to present its shortlist for THE FIENDS IN THE FURROWS Folk Horror anthology. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this call. Our final selections for the anthology will be revealed on July 1.

EDIT, 6/2/18:

One more addition to our shortlist, unfortunately omitted when we rolled out our posts: “Last Harvest” by Daniel Link; We are so sorry for the omission! Please note the updated shortlist below.
  • Aryan Bollinger, “To Pale Gods”
  • Die Booth, “Wully Mock”
  • Reggie Chamberlain-King, “The God of Lost Things”
  • C.L. Clickard, “Mother Woods”
  • Dave Dormer, “The Abbey”
  • Tony Eccles, “A Taste of Paradise”
  • Stephanie Ellis, “The Way of the Mother”
  • Tracey Fahey, “The Cure”
  • James Gardner, “The Reaper of Mudbone Holler”
  • S.T. Gibson, “Revival”
  • Eric Guignard, “The First Order of Whaleyville’s Divine Basilisk Handlers”
  • Coy Hall, “Sire of the Hatchet”
  • Sam Hicks, “Back Along the Old Track”
  • Rebecca House, “Passage”
  • Tom Johnstone, “Silvatici Rising”
  • Dmetri Kakmi, “The Long Lonely Road”
  • Lindsay King-Miller, “The Fruit”
  • Spencer Koelle, “Inhuman Sacrifice”
  • John Leahy, “Feast”
  • Daniel Link, “Last Harvest”
  • Nicola Lombardi, “Striges”
  • Brodie Lowe, “Saddling”
  • Gregory Norris, “Spun Sugar”
  • Andy Paciorek, “Dream Acres”
  • Romey Petite, “Pumpkin, Dear”
  • Jennifer Povey, “The Bidford Side”
  • Gary Power, “The Legend of the Whispering Wood”
  • J.C. Raye, “Progeny”
  • Joel Reeves, “Maggie Walker’s Children”
  • Anthony Rella, “You, Me, and the Trees”
  • Naomi Rourke, “Devil’s Night”
  • Ross Smeltzer, “The Strigoaica”
  • Priya Sridhar, “Shatterglass”
  • M. S. Swift, “Of Gaping Earth and Groaning Sea”
  • Jeremy Thompson, “Accretion”
  • Steve Toase, “The Jaws of Ouroboros”
  • Thomas Vaughn, “Umbilicus”
  • Zachary Von Houser, “Leave the Night”
  • Tyson West, “Obsidian Night”
  • Charles Wilkinson, “September Gathering”

Nosetouch Press is currently closed to novel/novella submissions.

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