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J. Krawczyk

Reality Squall


Jamie, a middle-aged female trucker, is on the mend after losing custody of her seven-year-old daughter. On top of that, she also suffers from REM Behavior Sleep Disorder which induces lingering nightmares and outbursts of violence. To distract herself from her sorrows, she decides to re-enter the workforce. Unfortunately, she’ll have to make her deadline while space and time unravel.

With a twinge of self-deprecating humor, REALITY SQUALL is a story brimming with psychedelic imagery, otherworldly monsters, and metaphysical ideas. Its ominous atmosphere will leave readers coiled by the looming dread but transfixed by Jamie’s very human struggle.


After finding high school physics exceedingly difficult, Jason Krawczyk decided to pursue his original passion for filmmaking.  After university, he started “Alternate Ending Studios.” A production company that has shot and produced numerous music videos, commercials, and shorts, but left maintained the goal of producing feature films. Jason has written and directed AES’ first feature-length project The Briefcase. In 2015 Jason wrote and directed the Henry Rollins horror-comedy He Never Died, which premiered at South By Southwest and is currently streaming on Netflix. A sequel, She Never Died was released in 2020, with a separate project, Sunset Superman, filmed in 2022. 

Jason plans to evolve his craft for storytelling and writing in the cinematic and literary landscape until his foreseeable demise.


  • Writer/Director, The Briefcase (2013) Ft. Vincent Pastor and Kip Pardue. Crystal Palace Festival.
    Writer/Director He Never Died (2015) Ft. Henry Rollins and Steven Ogg. SXSW, Fantasia
  • Writer/Producer – She Never Died – (2019) Companion sequel to He Never Died. 
  • Writer/Director – Sunset Superman (2022) Thriller/Comedy in Production.


  • “Crusade” – Hellbound Books – Madame Gray’s Vault of Gore 2021 
  • “An Earth That Knows Magic” – Black Hare Press – Novella 2022 
  • “It Looks Like Dad” – Dark Lake Publishing – Novella 2023 

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  • Paperback: 180 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-944286-41-5

Also available as an ebook.