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Nosetouch Press — Our Mascot, Waxy

*We’re Out There

Nosetouch Press is an independent book publisher tandemly based in Chicago and Pittsburgh, dedicated to publishing some of the most energizing fiction in American and international literature today. 

“Folk horror is often misunderstood, but Nosetouch Press keep their horrors under tight scythe and sickle amongst furrows of the genre. Brilliantly curated and gloriously diverse.”

—Jack Whitam, on Twitter

“I’m HOOKED on THE THING IN YELLOW, a collection of short stories inspired by THE KING IN YELLOW…you’ll quickly become engrossed in these gripping, unnerving tales.

—Shatterhand2049, on Instagram

Highly recommend. Everything I’ve read by Nosetouch Press has been very much worth my while.

—Kellie, Amazon review

Darkness Calls


The Wolfshadow Trilogy


This is a great werewolf novel. And when I say that, I mean it’s a werewolf story in the purest form: It’s bloody, it’s monstrous, it’s depraved—and it’s fun. It’s as much a monster memoir as it is a satire on the absurdity of humanity…The writing style was clever, original, and laugh-out-loud funny in some places.…I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys werewolves in all their monstrous glory…It has quickly become one of my favorite books. It deserves an edgy, artsy show with a cool soundtrack and all the awards. It’s honestly wild that I just now heard about it.

—Becky, Goodreads review for SAAMAANTHAA

Brave New Worlds


Wild & Distant Shores

This collection of related fantasy short stories has a lot going for it. From the unique application of classic monsters (a manticore leading an army of beastmen to conquer the world, or a dragon that uses its blood to make a hive-mind of its followers) to the quick beat of its action scenes and the classic feel of the story overall, there was a lot to like. Daring knights, cunning wizards, and treacherous mercenaries, each helped to give this world a fleshed-out feel that made me all the more eager to learn more about it.

—Francis, Goodreads review

Varied Visions