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D.T. Neal

“Like the legend of the Kraken? This is for you—so horrifying, and yet so plausible. As an author who has written a book about a giant sea creature, I take my hat off to Neal—this guy takes us all to school in showing what it would be like to be trapped somewhere remote by something with a monstrous size, appetite and intelligence. Great work…and now to see what else he’s got!”

Grieg BeckAuthor


Relict, by D.T. Neal

Four leisure travelers on an experimental boat find themselves a remote Pacific tropical paradise in the shape of Palmer Atoll, not realizing that they have stepped into the lair of an ancient and deadly predator from the sea that hunts them down, one by one. Who will survive the sinister, golden-eyed hunter that lurks beneath the waves?




Nosetouch Press - The Nose Knows

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