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Nosetouch Press is an independent book publisher tandemly-based in Chicago and Pittsburgh, dedicated to publishing some of the most energizing fiction in American and international literature today. With a commitment to classic book design within an increasingly digital environment, Nosetouch Press brings innovative and authentic approaches to a lasting tradition of literary excellence.


What does the asterisk mean? To Nosetouch Press, it is an artistic understanding that sometimes the best things are found in unexpected places. We look in the margins as readily as we pay attention to them, and try to find the newest, most exciting authors currently out there. The Nose Knows is the promise of Nosetouch Press, that we’re following our noses to find the best fiction authors can produce, for readers who yearn for a satisfying reading experience. Look for the asterisk, and know that we’re looking out for you, whether you’re an up-and-coming author or a discerning reader of fiction.

David T. Neal

Publisher, Editor-in-Chief

David T. Neal“Stick to your weird guns.”

Dave has worked as an editor for over 25 years, including a decade at the University of Chicago Press. He has written fiction for most of his life, with a particular fondness for Ernest Hemingway, J.D. Salinger, Michael Moorcock, Flannery O’Connor, Shirley Jackson, and C.M. Kornbluth.

He’s published The Wolfshadow Trilogy, SAAMAANTHAA, THE HAPPENING, and NORM, the neo-Lovecraftian zombie horror-thriller, CHOSEN, the cheeky-chic vampire slayer novel, SUCKAGE, the creature-feature novellas, RELICT, SUMMERVILLE, and THE DAY OF THE NIGHTFISH, and the cosmic folk horror comedy thriller, THE CURSED EARTH.

His short stories have appeared in Albedo 1, Ireland’s premier fantasy and science fiction magazine, and he won second place in their Aeon Award in 2008 for his short story, “Aegis.” He also received Honorable Mentions in “Best Horror of the Year: 2009,” edited by Ellen Datlow for both “Aegis” and “Rotgut.”

He was Runner-up, 2013 Best New Novel by a Chicagoan, CHICAGO READER, for SUCKAGE, and was shortlisted for the 2012 Aeon Award for THE DAY OF THE NIGHTFISH.

Dave loves horror movies, Westerns, Venetian masks (and Venice). He adores New Orleans and Southern Gothic in particular. Where music is concerned, he’s a human jukebox, and knows or can talk about almost any musical genre. Dave loves to cook, and often sneaks in details of cooking and cuisine into his fiction, particularly when he’s writing while hungry (which is often), and he does great Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger Joker impressions.

Christine M. Scott

Publisher, Creative Director, Editor

Christine M. ScottI cut my teeth on ectoplasm.”

Hearty of laugh and quick of wit, Christine has been a professional graphic designer/website developer & brand consultant for 29 years. She is an ardent book designer, intent on creating works that support the vision of the author and provide a pleasing yet unobtrusive experience for the reader that both refer to and expand upon the methods of the art of bookmaking.

Christine is a freelance graphic and web designer, brand consultant, and video marketing creator, operating under the name Clever Crow Consulting and Design. She is also the webmaster of, Ireland’s premier magazine of science fiction, horror, and fantasy.

Also a visual artist (under the name Vrana), Christine uses mixed media to craft a world-within-a-world that communicates a playfully unnerving take on the contradictions, absurdity, and strangeness of postmodern American life, with a focus on reuse of the discarded and philosophical interpretations of the unseen.

A reader of all genre fiction (fantasy is her favorite), she also has a particular fondness for folk horror, gothic tales, ghosts, and witches—send any good ghost stories (real or fictional) her way. She also savors a well-crafted mystery, as well as a wide range of non-fiction fare.

An unabashed anglophile, her interests also include art and philosophy of art, decorative arts, architecture, music, costume design, bookbinding, printmaking, photography, paranormal and occult studies, history, jewelry making, old buildings, historical preservation, and living history documentaries. She loves clever turns of phrases, haunted and mystical places, woodlands, libraries, leather, lipstick, and filet mignon—cooked rare. She takes her coffee blonde.

Christine was recently selected as a contributor to the Game of Thrones: The Compendium. View the book and her work here…