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Catherine McCarthy



Catherine McCarthy weaves dark tales on an ancient loom from her 19th-century Welsh farmhouse. Her love of supernatural fiction is an ever-present ghost, and she enjoys haunting others through her words.

She is the author of the collection Mists and Megaliths and the novella Immortelle, both of which are set in Wales.

Her short fiction has been published in various anthologies and magazines, including those by Black Spot Books, Alienhead Press, and Dark Matter Ink.

In July 2023 her Gothic novel, A Moonlit Path of Madness, will be published by Nosetouch Press, and in August her novella, Mosaic, publishes with Dark Hart Books.

Forthcoming works include a YA novel, The Wolf and the Favour, from Brigids Gate Press (October 2023) and a weird psychological novella, The House at the End of Lacelean Street, with Dark Matter Ink (April 2024).

Time away from the loom is spent hiking the Welsh coast path or huddled in an ancient graveyard reading Poe. Twitter