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D.T. Neal

“Recent years have seen a wild proliferation of vampire novels, all with romance, supernatural abilities, and the requisite blood sucking. D.T. Neal’s Suckage covers that, but more importantly (and, to my knowledge, uniquely among the oeuvre) it addresses the teleological demands of immortality. The span of centuries commingles with spent days so completely that Neal’s vampires often imply they cannot tell what happened when. That claim, however, is a lie, as the author presents his characters as acutely aware of their progression through centuries. …Neal’s subtle style actually condemns them to a doomed future. As philosopher Bruno Latour would observe, these anachronisms “have never been modern,” nor will they ever be.”

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Suckage, by D.T. Neal

IR-Approved-Sticker-219-150x150Vampires suck. Nobody knows this better than Nathan Sharp, the latest minion of Iris Augenblick, a Venetian vampiress who has been roaming the world in a centuries-old game of cat-and-mouse with her ancient Russian maker, Alexei, before finally settling in Chicago.

Crossing fateful paths with Iris one night, Nate thought he’d found paradise, only to eventually see the bloody reality behind the nightlife of his undead mistress, and the cold brutality of vampire politics. The only thing worse than being a vampire’s victim is being their minion. And if you think serving one is hard, try leaving one behind and living to tell the tale.

Part minion’s memoir, part fractured love story, part critique of vampirism itself, “Suckage” escorts you through the moonlit streets of Chicago and into the very darkest corners of the human spirit with audacious wit, horror, and humor.




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