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A Note From the Editor-in-Chief


Our idea for an anthology of witch stories arose out of seeing a real lack of satisfying witch anthologies out there. Christine and I wanted to really push the envelope of fictional witches, to encompass not just the classical conceptions of witches, but historical witches, fantasy witches, eclectic and whimsical witches that would take people out of the old confines of the green-skinned Oz witch.

We’d originally intended to make it a coven of 13 witch tales, but received such an overwhelming outpouring of interest from a range of writers that we jettisoned that original concept in favor of a larger, more comprehensive work. In the end, we capped it at 30 stories.

We’ve got a great cross-section of 30 outstanding witch stories in this anthology that run the gamut of witch tales. It’s turned out to be a BIG book, a veritable tome of tales, and readers will love the stories within. We’re making this one available in both paperback and hardback, because we just want this to be a treasured book people would be proud to place on their shelves.

Christine and I have already planned to make sequels around particular themes of witchcraft, should Wax & Wane be well-received. We’ve already mapped those out for the foreseeable future, although we’ve got plenty of other anthologies lined up before then, in other areas. But if the demand is there, we’ll do our part to honor it.


We were pleasantly surprised by just how many international authors reached out to us on this project. We loved getting stories from England, Ireland, Wales, South Africa and Canada, from writers of those countries who brought their own respective takes on witches and witchcraft.
We definitely relished getting those other perspectives into the mix. Many thanks to writers from around the world who joined in the fun. It’s made Wax &Wane a truly international anthology of witch tales.


When we first talked about the anthology, I wanted to be sure there was a cover associated with it. I hate to say it, but you really can judge a book by its cover, and a good cover is vital. Christine created a magnificent cover for the book that absolutely evoked witches and witchcraft without delving into sensationalism. There’s classic witch iconography present in it, and I think a big part of what drew writers to seek to get into this book was Christine’s great cover.