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SINGULARITIES is a collection of eleven boundary-bending science fiction short stories by D.T. Neal. Spanning time and space, these tales of runaway machines and babydoll bombs, time travelers, sea monsters, police states, shapeshifting spies, and alien architecture are told in the singular literary style that characterizes all of this writer’s work and dares to transport the reader into familiar yet fantastic places.


  • The Atomic Baby
  • Timekeeper
  • Mission Control
  • The Wordspeak Level-Set
  • Smartbomb
  • Mermaid’s Smile
  • Airlock
  • Home Run
  • The Shape
  • Vacancy
  • The Rocket’s Red Glare

    Born in Missouri, growing up in Ohio, and settling in Chicago, D. T. Neal has always written fiction, but only got really serious about it in the late 90s. He brings a strong Rust Belt perspective to his writing, a kind of “Northern Gothic” aesthetic reflective of his background.

    Writing his first novel at 29, he then devoted time to his craft and worked on short stories, occupying a space between genre and literary fiction, with an emphasis on horror, science fiction, and fantasy. He has seen some of his short stories published in “Albedo 1,” Ireland’s premier magazine of speculative fiction, and he won second place in their Aeon Award in 2008 for his short story, “Aegis.” He has lived in Chicago since 1993, and is a passionate fan of music, a student of pop culture, an avid photographer and bicycler, and enjoys cooking.

    He has published seven novels, Brighteyes (Shutterclique #1), Saamaanthaa, The Happening, and Norm—collectively known as The Wolfshadow Trilogy—Chosen, Suckage, and the cosmic folk horror-comedy thriller, The Cursed Earth. He has also published three novellas—Relict, Summerville, and The Day of the Nightfish. He has also published two collections— Singularities, a collection of science fiction stories, and The Thing in Yellow, a collection of King in Yellow mythos-based stories.

    He co-edited THE FIENDS IN THE FURROWS folk horror anthologies, The Fiends in the Furrows: An Anthology of Folk Horror, The Fiends in the Furrows II: More Tales of Folk Horror, and The Fiends in the Furrows III: Final Harvest.


    • 2008 Aeon Award, Second Place for “Aegis”
    • 2009 Honorable Mention, “Best Horror of the Year,” edited by Ellen Datlow for “Aegis” and “Rotgut.”
    • Runner-up, 2013 Best New Novel by a Chicagoan, Chicago Reader, for “Suckage”
    • Shortlisted for the 2012 Aeon Award for “Day of the Nightfish.”


    • Paperback: 220 pages
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-13: 978-1-944286-31-6

    Also available as an ebook.