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The Untimely Undeath of Imogen Madrigal

The Untimely Undeath of Imogen Madrigal Grayson Daly

“…a darkly romantic fable, although love absolutely plays a key part of the narrative within the superstructure of philosophy, theology, and the occult. There’s a hopefulness to the story that offsets the ever-present specter of death that hovers throughout, hand-in-hand with the macabre.”

—Goodreads review

Death is an end and a beginning.

On the island city of Lenorum, Maeve serves the Sisterhood of Good Death, a convent whose purpose is to shepherd lost souls from one world to the next. But her life of devotion to the unquiet dead is upended by an encounter with the haughty poet Imogen Madrigal, who has mysteriously returned from beyond the veil not in spirit, but in the flesh—and is determined to obtain justice, whatever the cost. Maeve agrees to help Imogen solve her murder, which propels her headlong into the hedonistic and heretical world of the extravagant and influential Poets’ Court.

THE UNTIMELY UNDEATH OF IMOGEN MADRIGAL delivers a metaphysical mystery in the richly imagined, darkly fantastic and urbane world of Lenorum, as Maeve comes to terms with her own path and learns what living a good life truly means.


Grayson Daly is a writer and lover of fantasy, mystery, and any genre with the word “gothic” appended to the front. She grew up in a New England village and moved to the slightly larger one of Boston, where she lives with her childhood best friend and thirteen houseplants. When not writing, Grayson can be found building robots, learning to play the banjo, and haunting the bubble tea shop down the street.

The Untimely Undeath of Imogen Madrigal is her debut novel. 

Find her on Instagram, or in your local cemetery.
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-944286-28-6
  • Length: 350 pages