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Wax & Wane: Dave Dormer - Nosetouch Press

Wax & Wane: Dave Dormer

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Wax & Wane: Shadows & Dolls

DormerDave Dormer lives and writes in North-Western Ontario alongside his wonderful (and patient) wife and four children. His love of horror began at an early age and he spent many classes devoting his divided attention from the regular curriculum to write gruesome tales. He distinctly remembers and is thankful for his seventh-grade teacher who displayed an uncommon tolerance for his interest in writing by reading Dave’s stories aloud to his class.
Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales

Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales

Whether wicked or whimsical, few folkloric figures are as iconic as the witch. Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales serves up 30 spellbinding stories of witches that are enchanting and terrifying, amusing and enticing. Classic or eclectic, fantastical or historical, these witch tales are a literary incantation to delight any fans of witches and witchcraft.

Nosetouch Press is currently closed to novel/novella submissions.

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