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Amora the Enchantress: Blonde Ambition

With Marvel Studios dominating movies over the past several years, it seems like it’s only fitting to give a shout-out to one of the more prominent witch villains of the Marvel Universe (and perennial adversary of the Avengers and Thor): Amora the Enchantress.


Amora’s mean and green…

Amora is a powerful Asgardian witch, with abilities in illusion, conjuration, teleportation and transmutation, as well as her signature power: enhancement of her natural beauty to make herself irresistible to any man.

Amora has the ability to make any man her slave (hence “the Enchantress,” see how that works?)

Of course, she has a particular fondness for the Mighty Thor, but the Executioner is (well, was) her hired muscle. Between the two of them, they’ve managed to bedevil the Avengers in particular and other superheroes of the Marvel Universe since 1963, when she was first created.

Although who knows just how far and what Marvel Studios will go with their multi-phased movie approach, but I’d be surprised if the Enchantress didn’t get some kind appearance.

Wicked Amora Quotes

“How you must hate the mighty thunder god, Loki! I know ’twas you who gave this plan to Odin! But no matter…I shall carry out this mission…for long have I wished to conquer the heart of handsome Thor!

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