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Wax & Wane: J.T. Lawrence

by Feb 29, 2016Contributors, Interviews0 comments


JT Lawrence is an author, playwright and bookdealer based in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. She is the mother of two small boys and lives in a house with a red front door.

She has written various plays for SAFM including The Shelter, Unspilling the Milk, Every Breath You Take, and serials, the most recent being the crime drama Jigsaw. Her short story collection, Sticky Fingers, will be broadcast in the last quarter of 2015.

Her first novel, The Memory of Water (2011), is about a writer who would do anything for a story. Her 2015 offering, Why You Were Taken, is a sci-fi thriller starring a synaesthete, and takes place is a futuristic Jo’burg burdened by infertility and a water crisis. It was optioned by the national broadcaster, SABC, for a radio adaption.

She is currently working on her new novel, Grey Magic, slated for 2017, about an eccentric modern-day witch, accused of murder, who must explore her past lives in order to keep her freedom — and find her way back to magic.

Wax & Wane: Grey Magic


What is your story about?

Grey Magic is about an eccentric modern-day witch who lives by her own moral code instead of man-made laws, including being flexible with the truth. Is she really magic, or is her greatest trick deceiving people?

What do you like most about witches?

That they disregard patriarchy and live by their own rules. Their power comes from within.

Who is your favorite fictional or legendary witch, and why?

My favourite witch is Roald Dahl’s sweet protagonist, Matilda. He never refers to her as a witch but I love how her intelligence-induced magical powers conquer the evil in her world.

Would you rather be a good witch or a wicked witch? Why?

I’d like to be something in-between. Spells come back threefold, so the majority of my magic would be benevolent. There are, however, situations that require something darker…

What’s up next for you?

My new novel is slated for publication in 2017. It’s called Grey Magic—inspired by this short story—and it’s about a contemporary witch, accused of murder, who must explore her past lives in order to keep her freedom—and find her way back to magic.
Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales

Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales

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