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“Goodnight Mommy” was definitely a creepy and different type of horror movie, and what an opportunity for women to do a fab Halloween costume — you get to be Mummy Dearest!

To be “Mother” as a costume idea is so simple and effective in execution — wrap only the head up in surgical gauze with some strategic criss-crossing, and, say, wear some pajamas and a bathrobe. It’s super-creepy!

It conveys the classic “Invisible Man” kind of vibe, and just radiates creepiness and madness and and eerie vibe. Much of the credit for the eeriness goes to the actress, Susanne Wuest, whose icy, ethereal and visceral portrayal of Mother in the movie lent much of the terror to the role. Her body language alone cemented it, becoming the stuff of nightmares.

But, for your own Halloween costume ideas, this one is both easy to execute and powerfully effective. You’ll need:

  • Gauze
  • Medical Tape
  • Pajamas
  • Bathrobe (or equivalent wrap)
  • Espadrille shoes
  • Makeup for bruises
  • Attitude

A track suit and sneakers would work well, too, as Mother was pretty sporty. The key is to own it and project a confident and ineffable kind of aloof menace and to whip your head around at key moments and just stare at people with your surgically-wounded but piercing eyes.


So, if you’re inclined to be something other than Sexy Rainbow Brite or Sexy Crayon or whatever, and aren’t afraid to be super-creepy, I recommend being “Mother” from “Goodnight Mommy.”