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Many thanks to everyone who submitted short stories for the Wax & Wane anthology. We have been really pleased with the variety of submissions received, and with the excellence of so many of them. We think this is going to be an outstanding anthology.

From a Coven to a Gathering

As you may know, because of the volume of submissions received, we renamed the anthology to Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales — we just couldn’t constrain the collection to a simple coven, anymore.

To that end, be sure to drop by this site periodically for updates relating to the anthology, which we’re hard at work putting together. We’re really excited about it, and are confident that readers will love it.

Contributors and Reviewers

Our goal is to have this anthology out in Spring of 2016, but we’ll be featuring contributors on these pages in the coming months, leading up to launch. We urge supporters of indie publishing and great books to give it a look (and we’ll be actively looking for book reviewers ahead of launch — if you’re interested in doing a book review and will commit to it, contact us, and we’ll add you to our reviewers list and you’ll receive a free advanced reviewer copy when it’s ready, contingent on a hard commitment to post an online review before launch).

In the meantime, keep an eye out for updates on these pages, and on our social media, and also note our open call for Blood, Sweat & Fears, our 70s horror anthology, which is currently open for submissions.