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Now we’re moving into the 1970s proper after the gateway of 1970, where the long shadow of the 1960s still carries on, but you can see some of the patterns that would dominate the decade emerging in the music. You’ve got Rod “the Mod” Stewart ascending as a solo artist even as he rides the Faces around the block. There’s Janis Joplin, James Taylor, Marvin Gaye’s masterfully smooth Soul, the inescapable Carpenters. The Who’s anthemic thundering, and Tommy James doing his thing, while Isaac Hayes delivers an integral soundtrack slice that has endured, and Cat Stevens being Cat Stevens, with Perry Como representing the older generation who still remembered life before Rock & Roll…



  1. Maggie May
  2. Me and Bobby McGee
  3. You’ve Got a Friend
  4. What’s Going On?
  5. Rainy Days and Mondays
  6. Draggin’ the Line
  7. Wild World
  8. Won’t Get Fooled Again
  9. Theme from SHAFT
  10. It’s Impossible