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Endora: The Curse of the Magical Mother-in-Law


Endora’s busy cooking up another spellbinding scheme, you can be sure.

From 1960s campy, witchy sitcom, BEWITCHED, Endora, played to the hilt by Agnes Moorehead, played Samantha’s mother and the perennial antagonist of her husband, Darrin. She makes no bones about her disapproval of the hapless Darrin, making a point to never use his name (“Derwood,” “Darwin,” “Dennis,” “Dum-Dum,” etc.)

Endora uses her magic to constantly vex Darrin, and is as unflinching in her love of her daughter and her grandchildren (Tabitha and Adam) as she is in her desire the confound and bewitch (!) Samantha and Darrin’s marriage.

Whatever your feelings for the 1960s series, Endora absolutely brought it with a wicked blend of glam and moxie.

Wicked Endora Quotes

“Yes, I know what a bat is. Those ugly flying things that people think we’re always cooking.”

“Just consider yourself lucky that you are not, at this moment, an artichoke. So, from now on, watch your step, Young Man. Mother is watching you.”

“The spell, I renew, you boorish lout. Your clichés will be few, but you’ll act them out!”

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