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Evelyn Poole: Hello, Dolly!

Evelyn Poole (aka, “Madame Kali” — sorry if that’s a spoiler for folks who’ve not yet watched the series), played by Helen McCrory, is the particularly nasty leader of a coven of witches in PENNY DREADFUL (season 2, “The Nightcomers”). She’s just an out-and-out villainess, absolutely steeped in sinister dealings and schemes.


Evelyn Poole enjoying a good soak….

She luxuriates in wickedness, working sympathetic magic, bathing in blood, sacrificing hapless victims to her foul magic, speaking evil/dead/Satanic lingo with her eyes rolled up in her head, and so on.

She’s also a damned good shot, and has a penchant for smoking and turning her man-friends into pliant playthings.

She’s just damned evil. Like horribly, throat-slittingly, baby-sacrificingly evil. And her daughter, Hecate (imagine that!) is a rotten apple who’s fallen rather close to the family tree. Evelyn and her coven of Nightcomers are ghastly Victorian witches, up to absolutely no good.

Wicked Evelyn Poole Quotes

“Do you know what this room holds? They call it Momento Mori. Tokens of death. The story goes that there was an ancient Roman general returning from victory with the spoils of battle piled high in his chariots. He thrust out his chest as a sign on invincibility. A slave saw this and threw an old bone at his feet, reminding the general that he was in fact mortal. It became a custom in Rome that a slave stand on the chariot behind every general returning, holding a skull and whispering into his ears: Respice poste! Hominem te esse memento, memento mori. Look behind you, remember that you are a man, remember that you will die.”

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