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The Evil Queen: An Apple a Day…

The Evil Queen Grimhilde from Disney’s 1937 SNOW WHITE is a fabulous sorceress villain. She’s really more of an evil enchantress than a de facto witch per se, but given her willful adoption of a hag disguise and magic to carry out her wicked scheme, we’re including her.

She can’t take that her Magic Mirror has told her that Snow White is now the fairest of the land, so she orders her master Huntsman to bump Snow White off, and goes all hardcore on him and insists that he come back with her heart in a jeweled box to prove that he did it.


Best cloak ever.

The Huntsman balks at the task, and tries to get Snow White to hide from the wrathful Queen.

Evil Queen Gets Played

The Queen later disguises herself as an old hag and treats Snow White to a poisoned apple that’s cursed to put her into an enchanted sleep.

The Evil Queen gets basically suckerpunched by some timely cinematic lightning, falling to her death, but she certainly made up for it with presence and wickedness.

The Evil Queen is very much of the “glam witch” category of witches — the Circe school of sorceresses, beautiful and majestic, haughty and powerful. She’s no hedge witch, living out in a shack. She’s a witch born to rule. The wicked witchy books on her shelf amuse me: Astrology, Black Arts, Alchemy, Witchcraft, Black Magic, Disguises, Sorcery, and Poisons. Everything an Evil Queen needs.

Wicked Grimhilde Quotes

“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

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