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1976 David Bowie

David Bowie, 1976

David Bowie, most stylish mug shot, ever, 1976.

In honor of the passing of the iconic David Bowie, Nosetouch Press wanted to walk through some of the various looks of Bowie throughout the 1970s.

Mid-70s David Bowie fully evolved into his Thin White Duke persona, shades of which he carried with him until the end — the eternally cool, effortlessly chic Bowie.

Long gone was the glam, androgynous Kabuki brashness of Ziggy. The Thin White Duke presaged the 1980s, but, of course, Bowie was always ahead of the zeitgeist. His Thin White Duke was Rock aristocracy….

Panic in Detroit (1976)

Station to Station (1976)