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Nosetouch Press is proud to announce it will be publishing The Hangman Feeds the Jackal: A Gothic Western by author Coy Hall in 2022!

Author Coy Hall brings his unique and evocative Literary Horror style to the Weird Western subgenre with The Hangman Feeds the Jackal: A Gothic Western, which is set in the close confines of a decaying monastery and explores themes of mental illness in a uniquely Western setting. Elijah Valero is a gunfighter afflicted with terrifying hallucinations, including a pervasive one of The Hangman out to kill him.

Dogged by the relentless specter of the Hangman, Valero mistakenly kills innocent victims and is forced to hide in an abandoned monastery for his own safety and for those of others. Once there, he encounters far greater dangers than the imaginary Hangman, and gains a bid for redemption as he faces down some silver-hungry drifters out to terrorize a town for its riches. Fans of the Weird West and Gothic Horror will find satisfaction in The Hangman Feeds the Jackal.

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